Welcome to StakeKit! The easiest way to build non-custodial staking, lending and vault-based yield flows into your application. Worked on and battle-tested over the past two years in the Omni wallet, our API provides everything developers need to build rich staking flows in minutes, regardless of whether applications are mobile, web, or desktop based.

Why StakeKit?

Over the past two years, Omni has established itself as a leading non-custodial mobile wallet for all things DeFi, web3, and perhaps most importantly, staking. While building out our product offering and packing in as many features as we could, our knowledge around staking and the intricacies of different web3 yield opportunities has become second to none.

Things such as unbonding periods, stake activation, rebasing rent accounts, cross-chain transactions, and more can quickly bog down even the best of engineering teams when trying to offer broad and most importantly, uniform, staking support. With the StakeKit API, we're bringing the best of what worked for us building a DeFi wallet, to you. That means offering complete flexibility while gently suggesting and guiding builders toward best practices.



Check out our API reference for an overview of routes and endpoints for building integrations. The API supports transaction construction for entering and exiting positions, our concept of pending actions to smooth over the rough edges of heterogeneous staking flow intricacies, and robust endpoints for balance and position retrieval.


If a TypeScript native experience is desired, we also have a range of SDKs to help interface with our API in a type-safe manner. These SDKs can also help abstract away the concept of signing transactions, which we always want to ensure is done in a safe way. Our SDKs support mnemonic phrases, private keys, and even Ledger-based signing, so full flexibility remains in the hands of the developer.


Our quick-start guides will have your engineers integrating complex staking flows in less than 100 lines of code. Recipes are available as copy-and-paste snippets if you want to get going today.

Need Help?

We're constantly working to improve our API and SDKs, so please reach out to us at any time for questions, issues, concerns, product ideas, or random thoughts. If you're part of our beta cohort, message the team via your private Telegram/Slack channel. Otherwise, here's how to reach us: