Compound V3

USDC lending for various markets via Compound V3

Yield ID**-**-compound-v3-**-market-lending (e.g. ethereum-usdc-compound-v3-eth-market-lending)
NetworkEthereum, Polygon, Arbitrum
Reward tokenscUSDC & COMP


Our Compound integration facilitates lending USDC into the various markets, right now ETH and USDC, on the Compound V3 protocol. Upon lending into Compound, users will be issued cUSDC or cETH which will accrue interest over time, and potentially COMP if reward mining is active in the given market. The cUSDC or cETH tokens are redeemable for the underlying token at any point in time.

Pending Actions

Claim rewards

Users will be able to withdraw their COMP reward tokens using the CLAIM_REWARDS pending action on the rewards balance.

List of Integration IDs

Yield IDPool
ethereum-weth-compound-v3-eth-market-lendingwETH Ethereum Compound V3 Lending
ethereum-usdc-compound-v3-usdc-market-lendingUSDC Ethereum Compound V3 Lending
polygon-usdc-compound-v3-usdc-market-lendingUSDC Polygon Compound V3 Lending
arbitrum-usdc-compound-v3-usdc-market-lendingUSDC Arbitrum Compound V3 Lending