Whitelabel Yields

When selecting the yield opportunities you want to include in your offering and display to your users, StakeKit gives you the utmost flexibility. In the dashboard, you can select all available or individual yield opportunities be it staking, liquid staking, yield vaults, or lending pools.

To select which yield opportunities you want to enable, follow these steps:

To add yield opportunities to your project you'll need to first go to the stakekit dashboard. They are handled in projects, so you need to ensure that you have first created at least one.

Go to the project in which for which you want to add yield opportunities. On the project's page, go to the yields section where you'll find four types of yields listed — staking, liquid staking, lending, and vaults.

Click on the arrow to expand the view of available yield opportunities in each category. There you'll be able to select and enable them individually or all at once.

Once you select all yield opportunities you want to enable, you'll see the total number of them for each type. Once saved they will become available via your API key.