Configuring Compliant Staking

Please see the below guide to walk through how to enable Compliant Staking.

Access the admin dashboard

In order to enable geo-blocking via Auto Compliance Mode, go to your StakeKit Dashboard and ensure that you have first created at least one project.

In the Projects page, select the project for which you want to enable Auto Compliance Mode.

Once you have selected the project, go to the GeoBlock section. Click the toggle on the top right to enable Auto Compliance Mode, which will automatically select all the countries and regions that StakeKit has flagged (whether due to sanctions lists or specific cryptocurrency regulations).

If you wish to disable access from additional countries or states, you can first select a continent and then further select regions in which you wish to disable StakeKit features. The gray checkmarks indicate the regions that are already on our list and cannot be removed while Auto Compliance Mode is turned on.

As you enable and disable regions, the dashboard will update itself to display how many regions you have blocked. You can come back anytime to make additional changes.