Yield ID**-kelpdao-rseth-staking (e.g. ethereum-kelpdao-rseth-staking)
NetworkEthereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base
Deposit TokenEther (ETH), Frax Staked Ether (sfrxETH), Lido Ether (stETH), Stader Ether (ETHX)
Reward TokenKelpDAO Restaked Ether (rsETH)
Additional RewardsKelp Miles and EigenLayer Points
Unbonding PeriodN/A
Minimum RequirementN/A


Our KelpDAO ETH restaking integration facilitates ETH, ETHX, stETH, and sfrxETH deposits into the KelpDAO protocol on Ethereum and ETH on Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base. When you stake, you start earning immediately and rewards are automatically credited to your deposit every day. Currently, KelpDAO restakers earn ETH staking rewards in addition to Kelp Miles and EigenLayer Points.

At the moment, withdrawals are not enabled. However, the rsETH liquid restaked token can be swapped on various DEXs.

Pending Actions