Polkadot Native Staking

Yield IDpolkadot-dot-validator-staking
Deposit TokenDOT
Supports Multiple ValidatorsYes
Unbonding Period28 days
Minimum RequirementDynamic


Our Polkadot native staking integration facilitates delegations to all validators in the active set and allows users to nominate their stake to either a single or multiple validators.

Polkadot has a dynamic minimum stake requirement, which currently hovers at around 500 DOT. The minimum amount is dynamic due to the fact that it varies from era to era (an era is the equivalent of a single day period). If a user bonds the minimum stake requirement, they will begin to earn rewards at the start of the following era.

Please note that once the user begins earning rewards on an initial delegation that meets the minimum bond requirement, subsequent bonding actions performed by the user can be of a value that is lower.

Staking rewards accrue automatically to the user's position and are updated each era.

Pending Actions

Claim Rewards (Coming soon)

Staking rewards accrue to a rewards balance that you can track via our /stake/balances endpoint. To claim these rewards to the user's locked balance, the CLAIM_REWARDS pending action is available.


After the 28-day unbonding period has passed, users will need to withdraw their unstaked balance using the WITHDRAW pending action to make it available again. You can track both this unbonding progress as well as the balance available to be withdrawn via our /stake/balances endpoint.


In the case users have some locked DOT tokens and have nominated a certain set of validators, users can revoke their nominations, meaning they are stepping back from any nominations, taking effect in the next era. The DOT tokens will not be unstaked and will remain locked, having pending actions available on that balance such as Unlock or Vote. To revoke all nominations, the REVOKE pending action is available via our /stake/balances endpoint

Unlock Locked

If during the staking flow a nominate transaction is to fail or the users have stepped back from nominating using revoke, DOT tokens will be presented as locked. A pending action will then be available on the locked balance that allows users to unlock these tokens. To unlock these tokens, the UNLOCK_LOCKED pending action is available via our /stake/balances endpoint.


If the user has some locked tokens or some active nominations, they can change the set of nominated validators without unstaking by running this pending action. This will require them to pass a set of validator addresses that they will start nominating, invalidating any previous nominations. To nominate a new validator set, the VOTE pending action is available via our /stake/balances endpoint.


In the case that users have started to unlock some DOT tokens, it is possible to cancel that unlocking. This is available by running the REBOND pending action via our /stake/balances endpoint for the Unlocking balances.


In the case that users had already staked DOT and have an existing staked position, it is possible to bond more tokens to the current set of nominated validators.

Preferred Validators