Adding payout wallets

To set up your account and start collecting fees, please contact our team via email. We need your custom wallet address for specific chains for fee withdrawals. All EVM-based chains can have the same address or be configured to a specific address for every chain.

The fees are collected on every chain and for every token individually. We will provide tools to get an accessible overview of the collected fees and prepare contract calls for you to withdraw them.

To get started, set up your payout wallets following these steps:

To add the payout wallet to your project you'll need to first go to the StakeKit dashboard. Payout wallets are, just as discretionary fees, handled in projects, so you need to ensure that you have first created at least one project.

Go to the project for which you want to set up the payout wallet and scroll down until you get to the Payout Wallets section. Once there, click on the Add wallet button.

Fill out the form by selecting the network on which you want to receive fees and adding the wallet address.

Click Add wallet. Your payout wallet will appear and you can change or remove it at any time.