Avalanche Benqi sAVAX Liquid Staking

Liquid AVAX staking via Benqi

Yield IDavalanche-avax-liquid-staking
Deposit TokenAvalanche (AVAX)
Reward TokenStaked AVAX (sAVAX)
Unbonding Period15 days
Withdrawal Period2 days
Minimum RequirementN/A


Our Benqi staked AVAX integration facilitates AVAX deposits into the Benqi protocol.

Pending Actions

Claim Unstaked

After the 15 unbonding day period has passed, users will need to claim their unstaked balance to make it available again. Please note that users will only have 2 days to claim these assets before the AVAX will be marked as locked. For notifying users, you may want to consider listening to webhooks for these balance-changing events.


If a user misses their 2 day window for withdrawal, they will need to restake their locked balance to make it staked again.