Binance Native Staking on BSC

Native BNB staking

Yield IDbinance-bnb-native-staking
NetworkBinance Smart Chain (BSC)
Deposit TokenBinance Token (BNB)
Supports Multiple ValidatorsYes
Minimum Requirement1 BNB
Unbonding Period7 Days


Our BNB native staking integration allows staking with any supported validator on Binance Smart Chain. When you stake, you start earning right away and rewards are automatically credited to your deposit every 7 days.

Pending Actions

Claim Unstaked

After the 7-day unbonding period has passed, users will need to use the CLAIM_UNSTAKED pending actions from their unstaked balance to make it available again. You can track both this unstaking progress as well as the balance available to be withdrawn via our /stake/balances endpoint.


To redelegate BNB from one validator to another — moving the staked amount into another validator without waiting for the cooldown, users will need to use the RESTAKE pending actions from their. The chenged validator balance can be tracked via our /stake/balances endpoint.

Preferred Validators And Their Addresses