Yield IDethereum-usde-ethena-staking
Deposit TokenEthena USD (USDe)
Reward TokenEthena Staked USD (sUSDe)
Additional RewardsSats
Unbonding Period7 days
Minimum RequirementN/A


Our Ethena USDe staking integration facilitates USDe deposits into the Ethena protocol. When you stake, you start earning immediately and rewards are automatically credited to your deposit every 8 hours. Currently, USDe stakers on Ethena earn staking rewards in addition to Ethena's Sats which are a part of their points program.

Pending Actions


After the 7-day unstaking period has passed, users will need to withdraw their unstaked balance using the WITHDRAW pending action to make it available again. You can track both this unstaking progress as well as the balance available to be withdrawn via our /stake/balances endpoint.