Angle Protocol

Yield ID*-eura-angle-savings or *-usda-angle-savings (e.g. ethereum-eura-angle-savings)
NetworkArbitrum, Ethereum, Optimism, Base
Deposit TokenEURA or USDA
Reward TokenStaked EURA (stEUR) or Staked USDA (stUSD)
Unbonding PeriodN/A
Minimum RequirementN/A


Our Angle integration facilitates staking EURA or USDA in Angle's EURA savings protocol. Upon staking EURA or USDA, users will be issued stEUR or stUSD tokens representing their stake and rewards will accrue via the pricePerShare parameter. This token is redeemable for the underlying token at any point in time. When a user stakes their Angle stablecoins, they start earning rewards immediately and their tokens become available immediately upon withdrawing.

Pending Actions


List of Integration IDs

Yield IDVault
ethereum-eura-angle-savingsEURA Angle Savings on Ethereum
arbitrum-eura-angle-savingsEURA Angle Savings on Arbitrum
ethereum-usda-angle-savingsUSDA Angle Savings on Ethereum
arbitrum-usda-angle-savingsEURA Angle Savings on Arbitrum
base-usda-angle-savingsEURA Angle Savings on Base
optimism-usda-angle-savingsEURA Angle Savings on Optimism