Ethereum Figment ETH Native Staking

Yield IDethereum-eth-figment-staking
Deposit TokenEther (ETH)
Supports Multiple ValidatorsN/A
Unbonding PeriodVaries depending on the Exit Validator Queue Time
Minimum Requirement32 ETH


Our ETH native staking integration facilitates the creation of Ethereum validators with Figment. When you stake, you start earning as soon as the validator gets included in the active set — depending on the Enter Validator Queue Time which varies. You need to stake in the increments of 32 ETH and the rewards get automatically credited to the position.

The unstaking action requires an additional signature prior to the unstaking action — signing a message to prove the user is the owner of the address.

Pending Actions


After the Exit Validator Queue Time has passed, users will need to withdraw their unstaked balance using the WITHDRAW pending action to make it available again. You can track both this unbonding progress as well as the balance available to be withdrawn via our /stake/balances endpoint.