The Graph Native Staking

Native staking for The Graph

Yield IDethereum-grt-native-staking
Deposit TokenThe Graph (GRT)
Supports Multiple ValidatorsYes
Unbonding Period28 days
Minimum Requirement1 GRT


Our GRT native staking integration facilitates delegations to any partnered validator in the active set. Earned rewards are automatically credited to your deposit every day.

Note: The new deposits have been disabled due to the staking migration from Ethereum to Arbitrum. Users can still freely unstake their assets at any time.

Pending Actions


After the 28 unbonding day period has passed, users will need to withdraw their unstaked balance using the WITHDRAW pending action to make it available again. You can track both this unbonding progress as well as the balance available to be withdrawn via our /stake/balances endpoint.

Preferred Validators And Their Addresses

Staking Facilities0x7ab4cF25330ED7277ac7ab59380B68eeA68abb0E
Figment prime0x6ac85B9D834b51b14a7b0Ed849bB5199e04C05c5
Figment prime-20x6125eA331851367716beE301ECDe7F38A7E429e7
Chorus One0xf9123292b4d958c53aaad8c5df0138ee0e62944b