Yield IDethereum-eth-etherfi-staking
Deposit TokenEther (ETH)
Reward TokenEther.fi Restaked Ether (eETH)
Additional RewardsEther.fi Loyalty Points and EigenLayer Points
Unbonding Period1-7+ days
Minimum Requirement0.001 ETH


Our Ether.fi restaked Ether integration facilitates ETH deposits into the Ether.fi protocol. When you stake, you start earning immediately and rewards are automatically credited to your deposit every day. Currently, Ether.fi restakers earn ETH staking rewards in addition to Ether.fi Loyalty Points and EigenLayer Points.

To exit the position, users can either swap their eETH on a DEX or withdraw it — if there is not enough ETH in the liquidity pool reserve to fulfill the withdrawal request, the protocol will need to exit validators. EigenLayer pods take 7+ days to exit in addition to the normal Ethereum validator exit queue.

Pending Actions

Claim Unstaked

After the unbonding period has passed, users will need to use the CLAIM_UNSTAKED pending actions from their unstaked balance to make it available again. You can track both this unstaking progress as well as the balance available to be withdrawn via our /stake/balances endpoint.