Tron Native Staking

Yield IDtron-trx-native-staking
Deposit TokenTRX
Supports Multiple ValidatorsYes
Unbonding Period14 days
Minimum Requirement1 TRX


Our Tron native staking integration facilitates the freezing of funds and voting to any super representative. When you stake, you start earning immediately. Rewards need to be claimed manually.

As there are two versions of Tron staking, we support the full V2 staking and unstaking operations. For V1, users can see their legacy stake and unstake via a pending action.

Pending Actions

Claim Rewards

Staking rewards accrue to a rewards balance that you can track via our /stake/balances endpoint. To claim these rewards to the user's available balance, the CLAIM_REWARDS pending action is available.


If users want to re-cast their votes on new SRs, a stakedbalance has a REVOTE pending action to do so.

Vote Locked

In case there is Tron Power available that has not been used to vote for SRs, the users are presented with a locked balance. To vote and start earning rewards, the VOTE_LOCKED pending action should be performed.


To withdraw unFrozenV2 balances and get back the funds after the 14-day unfreezing period has passed, the WITHDRAW action is available.

Unlock Locked

A user can also unlock their locked balance by performing the UNLOCK_LOCKED pending action. Once performed the balance type will be turned to unstaking. After 14 days the funds can be withdrawn using the WITHDRAWpending action on the unstaked balance type.

Preferred Validator